Healthy Lawn

If you already have a lawn or you’re planning to set up one in your front or back yard soon, then you truly understand the perks of having a lush and vibrant lawn in your homestead. Let’s face it; a beautiful lawn works magic when it comes to boosting the scenic value of any home, amongst other amazing benefits.


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However, maintaining a healthy, thick lawn takes more than just the simple watering, mowing, and fertilization routines, you have to do it the right way if you are to achieve the desired results. Remember, proper lawn care creates an impact where it counts. Therefore, let’s take a look at some of the best mowing tips for a healthy lawn.


Ensure proper Wheel Height to Avoid Scalping Your Lawn
Usually, cutting your grass too short leaves it susceptible to many diseases and potential weed infestation, which will undoubtedly affect its quality. Therefore, it’s advisable to always follow the rule of the thumb, which states that grass should never be cut more than one-third of its current height. More specifically, warm-season grasses like St. Augustine or Bahia should be mowed at the height of between 1 to 2 inches at most. On the other hand, cool-season grasses such as Bentgrass and Ryegrass should be maintained at about three inches. Mowing at the perfect length ensures your grass smothers any underlying weeds while continuing to get the nutrients it requires to thrive. Therefore, always make sure to adjust the height of the wheels of your mower to just the right height.

Mow on weekly Intervals
Regular mowing will keep your lawn not only in good shape but also good health. In fact, in very wet, warm weather, you might have to mow at least twice a week, this is because grasses tend to grow faster in such conditions. The reason for this frequent mowing is to ensure a lush and even lawn by maintaining the perfect grass height; Put in mind that grasses are perennial plants, this means that they stay healthy when 1/3 of their growth is trimmed at any given time. Overall, base your mowing frequency on your grass type and its seasonal growth rate.

Practice Grasscycling
Grasscycling is simply the aspect of leaving grass clippings on the lawn after mowing. The clippings, which are made up of 75 to 80 percent water, can provide up to 25 percent of your lawns fertilizer needs; they contain nutrients and minerals such as Nitrogen which are essential for the healthy growth of your lawn. You can consider this practice when purchasing your loan mower; a mulching lawn mower is the best for grasscycling since it cuts grass while distributing the clippings back onto the lawn all at once. If you already have a different model, remember you can always purchase mulching attachments.


Use the right Mowing Pattern
First of all, make sure to change the mowing directions every time you’re trimming on your lawn. Mowing in the same direction repeatedly can compact the soil into ruts over time; this might give your grass a leaning position instead of growing upright. Therefore, make sure to change the direction of your mower with every cut. For example, if you mowed heading east in your last session, consider changing your direction westwards the next time you mow. Secondly, avoid mowing around in spirals, proper mowing involves a back and forth pattern. Then, ensure your movement is brisk (not too fast or too slow) to ensure the grass doesn’t catch and clog the blades; this will sure give your lawn a neat and healthy look.

Sharpen your Mower Blades 
Remember, the most significant mowing element that will guarantee you a pristine lawn is your mower. Always inspect your mower to ensure the blades are sharp. Essentially, to get the best results from each session, you have to sharpen the blades more often (at least once in a month); Sharp blades cut the grass cleanly while blunt ones tear the grass, increasing the chances of disease and pests. All in all, these five mowing tips are the main basics of a vibrant, healthy lawn.


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