Healthy Texas Lawn

A lush green garden with blooming herbs and hedges in Texas can make a person feel like he’s close to mother nature. Owing an attractive yard with low overall maintenance is quite important for home-owners. Good lawn care with efficient mowing, fertilizing and watering techniques are crucial to keep it healthy, without an excessive burden of maintenance.


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How Often to Mow

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A magnificent looking lawn requires regular care along with mowing and trimming. Practice mowing every two weeks to ensure regulated growth. This will force the grass to shade out unwanted weeds and also helps in developing a stronger root system. Its advised not to trim it more than one-third of its overall length. Also, mow using a sharp blade only when the grass is dry to ensure cleaner cutting.

Tips that should be kept in mind on how to grow a Healthy Lawn In Texas:

Prevent Weeds In Your Lawn

Everyone loves a lawn that doesn’t contain bare spots or patchy areas. If there are any bare areas, aerate them to reseed the grass bed. In some situations, the grass isn’t able to grow properly leaving behind patchy spots. Weed and wild grass generally grows in an ill-maintained lawn. If you think your lawn is well-manicured, then try to find any weed growth. A weedy lawn can’t be considered healthy. Use organic sprays to reduce unwanted plants. They can be even plucked with hand.

Fertilizing A Lawn

If you are aiming for effective lawn maintenance, there is a huge need to fertilize the lawn with nitrogen to sustain a thick, lush green grass. Phosphorus and potassium can also offer enough nutrition to grass bed. Soil quality differs from place to place, so there’s a need to regulate soil nutrients in an equivalent manner throughout the yard. Using slow-release fertilizers will take time to offer nutrients, ensuring you don’t need to apply them more often. It’s recommended fertilizing a lawn after the mowing technique, to offer more nutrition. Aerating it before offering fertilizers will ensure proper air and nutrition to reach till the roots of grass. A healthy and well nutritive yard will resist the attacks of pests and grass diseases to a great extent.

Watering A Lawn

Watering your lawn is one of the best lawn maintenance technique that works more effectively after aerating and mowing process has been applied. During normal summer temperatures, it is typically sufficient to water your yard twice a week. For higher temperatures, frequent watering may be needed. Rather than using a pipe to water a garden, sprinkling technique is more favored. Native grasses and organic lawns generally require less water. Watering needs can also be reduced by improving the soil quality of a yard.

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The most important mowing guideline to follow is to keep the mower blade sharp. Sharp blades give a clean cut which is important for healthy growth. A dull blade will only shred the grass and damage it. This prevents healthy growth and gives your lawn a dull appearance.

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