The Perfect Lawn

Having perfectly manicured lawn at your home is something most homeowners strive for during summer months. Here are a few tips to help make your lawn as perfect as you have imagined.


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lawn mowing

1. Mow the lawn when the grass is dry.
When the grass is dry, mowing will be very easy because the mower will have the capacity to make cleaner cuts on the grass. This is the best time to mow your lawn and the mower will not pull out some chunks of grass, or clog the mower while mowing.

2. Ensure that your mowing blade is sharp.
A sharp mowing blade is required while mowing your lawn. In case the blade is broke or blunt, ensure that you have replaced or sharpened it before mowing your lawn. Avoid using a blunt or broken blade it can damage your lawn, and make the lawn look unattractive.

3. Ensure that you mow your lawn at a high level and mow frequently.
At times you mow your lawn very short as a way of saving your time but this is a way of damaging the grass in the lawn. Ensure that your lawn is tall in height for the grass to be healthy. Mowing frequently will also ensure that your lawn is well kept.

4. Ensure that you have watered your lawn in the morning.
Watering your lawn every morning is one of the most important tips for a perfectly manicured lawn. Ensure that you have watered your lawn every morning because the sun will keep the grass is dry. You also must ensure you are not over watering or under watering the lawn to ensure a healthy lawn. You should avoid watering your lawn at night because it can cause the grass to have prolonged moisture which can result in diseases in the grass.

5. Ensure that you have properly fed your lawn.
Your lawn requires to be fed with all the right nutrients to ensure the health of the grasses in your lawn. The fertilizers that you will be feeding your lawn with will make the lawn look green and attractive all the times. Avoid feeding the lawn with excess fertilizers because too much fertilizer will cause harm to the lawn.

6. Designate a specific area of your lawn for your pets to use.
When dogs urinate in the grass and flowers in the lawn, the leaves and grass can turn yellow due to the acid levels in the urine, leaving spots that are unattractive. Train them to use only specific parts of your lawn that you can keep hidden from view of others.  This will help you to control the beauty of the lawn.

puppy in grass

7. Weed your lawn frequently.
If you want your lawn to look good, you must eliminate all the weeds in it regularly. You can also use weed killers to eliminate the weeds in the lawn. This will make your lawn look very perfectly manicured.

We hope that these tips have helped you in making a plan to have a beautiful lawn this spring and summer.  Following basic instruction is all it really takes to maintain that beautiful lawn.   If you have any comments, questions or specific tips you want to sure with is, please take the time to contact us today.  We also ask that you take time to visit our sponsor Rockwall fence builder for all of your board on board fence needs.

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