Make It Beautiful

Everyone likes to have a beautiful lawn that brings that attractive look to their compound. An ugly lawn is an eyesore and can lead to a bad image in front of the neighbors and visitors. The good thing, however, is that it does not have to cost you a fortune to turn your ugly lawn into an object of beauty. A few simple steps as outlined below shall teach you how to fix an ugly lawn and in no time you shall be the envy of your neighborhood. All it takes is some time and effort and the results shall be visible in no time.

Grass Type

The grass is the building block of any lawn and you have to ensure that you have the best type for your specific location. In this regard, grasses can be grouped into warm-season and cold-season types. Warm season grasses are best suited in warmer climates such as Texas and Florida while cold-season ones are best for cooler environments such as Michigan and Wisconsin. Once you determine the climate of your home area, you can select the right grass for it.

green grass

Soil Type

Determining the soil type is important so that you can know what can grow best in it and how best to treat it. Taking a soil test is recommended as it gives you all the relevant information to help you make your soil better for whatever you want to grow. A soil test will give you details on things like pH and mineral composition which shall help you make the right decisions to improve your lawn. According to the test results, you can add some minerals or products to compensate and improve your soil quality for the improvement of your lawn.


Watering the Lawn

To ensure that your lawn is healthy and green, you have to water it regularly. Depending on the environment and state of the climate, the rate at which you water shall vary. A few minutes of watering is usually sufficient as grass does not need that much water to grow. Watering in the early morning is recommended so that the water that does not get absorbed into the ground evaporates into the atmosphere to avoid diseases infecting your grass.

watering lawn

Mowing the Grass

After establishing your good turf that covers the lawn nicely, mowing is important to give it that beautiful, trimmed look. Mowing needs to be done frequently to keep the grass from overgrowing but it should not be too often either, as it could cause stress and damage to it. A good recommendation is to mow your grass such that it measures around three inches after cutting. Most mowers have adjustable settings that allow you to set this cutting length and using this shall help you get an even cut. Depending on the season and environment, your grass shall grow at different rates and this shall dictate how often you need to mow it.


A properly maintained lawn is important as it makes your home look beautiful. Following the above tips on how to fix an ugly lawn shall help you have the best lawn and be the envy of your neighborhood.

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