Maintenance Tips

A clean and well-kept lawn makes your house more beautiful. Taking care of a lawn can be tasking especially when there are seasonal changes. There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to lawn care maintenance.

These are a few tips that you should use to have a great lawn.

There are types of grasses that do well in different seasons. Before you decide to seed and fertilize your lawn be careful on choosing the type of grass. If you live in places where the temperatures drop below freezing point it would be really necessary to choose grasses like; bluegrass, tall fescue, and other cool season grasses. In warm places, there are grasses that are compatible with the scorching sun of summer. These grasses are; Bahia, Zoysia among others.

Remove weeds occasionally. Weeds make your lawn look unkempt. To explain this further we can say that weeds consume water in the soil that would be of use to the lawn.

This is a very important step to having healthy looking grass. I prefer the use of sprinklers, because they supply water evenly to the grass, cleans the leafy part of the grass and makes it look really neat.  Everyone has their own preference with what works best for them. Make sure the water is sufficient. Watering just the top layer of the soil won’t work. The roots have to have enough water supply if not the grass will dry out.

Trim your grass regularly. You don’t have to do it yourself. Call a gardener who is experienced to trim it on your behalf. Don’t you hate it when the lawn is not balanced and some grasses are longer than others? Most of us prefer to keep it really short like a carpet since it looks really good like that. Depending on the type of grass you planted, trimming is about how long the grass should be. Having a lawn mower will help a lot.

Using fertilizers will help thicken and improve the quality of the lawn. You can fertilize your lawn at different seasons. Use fertilizers on the planning phase. This will boost the seeds and make them grow faster healthier. Fertilizers also boost the thickness of the lawn. Spaces in between the lawn make it look like it’s not well maintained.

On number 5 above we see that fertilizers work really well to thicken the lawn. You can over-seed the lawn especially in thinning areas and make sure the thickness required is attained. Add fertilizers to boost growth.


Top Dressing
Trees drop leaves in particular periods of the year so when this happens make sure you get rid of the leaves every day to keep the lawn clean and in check.
The above lawn care maintenance tips will guide you into having the most attractive lawn in the neighborhood. Make sure that they are followed to the letter.

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